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Welcome to Moonlight Melody!!!

We have some rules to follow so here we go:

[x]No Direct-linking if you should decide you want to share this on your own lj, or what not

[x]When downloading, please comment. Thanks! <3

[x]This journal is mainly for purposes of testing out new types of music. If you like what you hear, support the artist by purchasing their cds.

[x]I will be putting pictures of the cd-covers, or of the artist up when I put up the song, if you do not like this, or think it will clutter up your friends page, don't add me. I will -not- be lj-cutting because the whole purpose of this journal is what I'm doing. XD

[x]Play nice with others. This means basically no drama, k thank bai.

[x]Most of all.... ENJOY! <3

[x]Any other questions and concerns just contact me! I'm at usagichan ^^


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